Deliciously Indulgent Bakery

As requested, here is the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery set from TS3 converted to TS4. There is a woppong 61 items in total!

So lets get started explaining the items in this set! You get a working stove with slots on the shelf and stove itself, that also works with necrodog pizzas, and other custom foods from The Food Group at MTS!

You have two displays that both have over 400 slots of all sizes!

Lastly you also have 4 plates, two square and two round that also have slots! So stack them up, add food to the plate and more!

The other items found in the set are decor. Everything from pies and cake to cooking utensils, even menus for the table, walls, and outdoors!.

Lastly, you have a new awning in three sizes as well as two long bakery outdoor signs.

Some items are recolored in my 30 color pallet, small deco aside from the plates are not recolored.

** Base Game Required **

This is a standalone item, it will not override any other items.

61 items included in the .Zip


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